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Eco-Friendly & Green Initiatives

Eco-friendly & Green Initiatives by Voyaage

The management of Voyaage will forever remain committed to reducing its ecological footprint as it goes about its business. Our eco-friendly & green initiatives listed below raises the bar for us and our industry. We know that we can still perform at a high level using our skills, resources and intelligence to operate our business and, at the same time, make a positive contribution to save the planet. We know this because we are already doing it with success at our facility. We are not only commitment to the environment, but also to maintaining the highest quality guest experience. Through creative and clever planning, we found it is possible to diminish our ecological footprint while making a positive impression on our customers. Whether you are an activist or active, hippie or hip, or simply hope to do good in the world while doing something good for yourself - we invite you to enjoy Voyaage hospitality. You'll sleep easy if you do.

Conservation of Water

  • Installation of faucets with low-flow aerators
  • Installation of low-flow showerheads
  • Installation of low flush toilets
  • Re-use of grey water for irrigation around the facility
  • Rain-water harvesting

Conservation of Electricity

  • Abundant use of compact fluorescent lamps
  • Installation of solar heating (planned)
  • Installation of energy-efficient Air-conditioners
  • Use of heat-reflective roofing materials
  • Use of tinted-reflective window panes
  • Encouraging natural lighting through installation of tall light ventilators in almost every room (bed, bath, living)

Green Initiative

  • Planting of large trees around the facility
  • Nurturing smaller plants (indoor, outdoor and on the terrace)

Guest Contribution

  • Guests are requested to conserve electricity (by turning off lights and other devices when they're not needed) and water (by turning off the water while brushing their teeth or shaving and by taking shorter showers) during their stay
  • Towel and Linen Reuse policy gives guests an opportunity to do their part to reduce energy and detergents required for daily washings