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Medical Tourism

As you may be aware, India is gradually becoming a preferred "global health" and "tourist" destination. The key reason for this dual status is the availability of world-class medical treatment at a fractional cost of what patients would normally pay in their country of residence as well as India's rich cultural and scenic beauty, which have drawn and enthused visitors from the world-over.

While British and Canadian patients are known to travel to India to jump long queues prevalent in their respective countries; American patients travel due to the high cost of treatment in the US; African, Middle-East and Asian patients travel due to the non-availability of similar treatment in their home countries . And while they all have their own reasons the basic reason why all travel to India is the presence of well equipped, state-of-the-art hospitals that offer a level of care at par with anywhere else in the world. In other words, India offers First World treatment at Third World prices. As one Indian hospital director has aptly put it "once the door is closed it is like you are in a hospital in America."

Today millions of people fly to India with a dual purpose - to enjoy a tropical vacation with elective or plastic surgery. Some undergo Dental Treatment; Cosmetic Surgery; Radio-surgery; Cardiac Care; Joint Replacements; Orthopedic Surgery; Gastroenterology; Ophthalmology; or Any other ailment or deficiency that they want treated. The simple value equation to them all is:

Medical Treatment in their country of residence =
A Vacation in India + Medical Treatment + Savings

Since the hosts have lived and worked in the West they know first-hand how prohibitively expensive medical treatment is abroad. They have known people who had landed themselves into a financial quagmire due to sudden medical treatment. Belonging to a family of doctors (who set up business in 1930 and who still enjoy a very high reputation in India) we can act as facilitators to help you get the best possible treatment (at the most affordable price) that is available in India. However that in no way guarantees a cure. While services offered can be customized to suit your needs, we can help:

  • Organize Consultations with Doctors (Pre-treatment and Post-treatment)
  • Organize Travel to / from / within India
  • Organize Stay in India for you and your family (Pre-treatment and Post-treatment)
  • Help you seek Second Opinion: Allopathic, or alternate systems of medicine - Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, etc
  • Organize your treatment with a Primary Health-Care Provider of your Choice. Alternately we can advise you of the best available treatment to suit your budget
  • Organize Airport Pick up
  • Arrange Translators
  • Coordinate all Appointments
  • Arrange Nurses / Guide

The stay at Voyaage is extremely convenient to medical tourists because of its proximity to major hospitals like Apollo, Escort Heart Institute, Batra Hospital and Max Super Specialty Hospital. Please see the tables below to get an idea on the difference in the cost of getting treated in USA versus that in India:

Procedure Charges* in India & US (US $):

  Procedure Cost (US $)
Treatment USA India
Bone Marrow Transplant 2,50,000 69,000
Liver Transplant 3,00,000 69,000
Heart Surgery 30,000 8,000
Orthopedic Surgery 20,000 6,000
Cataract Surgery 2,000 1,250
Smile Designing 8,000 1,000
Metal Free Bridge 5,500 500
Dental Implants 3,500 800
Porcelain Metal Bridge 3,000 300
Porcelain Metal Crown 1,000 80
Tooth Impactions 2,000 100
Root Canal Treatment 1,000 100
Tooth Whitening 800 110
Tooth Colored Composite Fillings 500 25
Tooth Cleaning 300 75

* implies that the costs are approximate

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